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$400.00 $358.00
$74.00 $14.00
$148.00 $87.00
$370.00 $307.00
$740.00 $672.00
$69.00 $14.00
$138.00 $83.00
$345.00 $288.00
$690.00 $630.00
$18.00 $13.00
$36.00 $30.00
$90.00 $82.00
$180.00 $168.00
$43.00 $28.00
$86.00 $71.00
$215.00 $199.00
$430.00 $413.00
$18.00 $1.00
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$90.00 $63.00
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How pre-registration works
  • Pre-register your domain

    Pre-registration is a FREE, no obligation process and provides you with great advantages. Pre-registration is a watch list that allows you to pre-register your interest for upcoming domain availability. We'll promptly notify you when the domain is available to order. Crazy Domains will only accept 1 pre-registration for each specific domain. Crazy Domains does NOT guarantee availability, or confirm this domain name will become available or that it will be registered.

  • Purchase your domain

    The new TLDs will be available from Crazy Domains as soon as they launch. However, ICANN will only allow a limited number of new TLDs to be introduced per month over the next two years. Crazy Domains will keep you informed when a domain becomes available, at which point in time you'll know pricing information, terms, etc. With this information in hand, you can make the decision to purchase the domain. Up until this point in time, there is no cost or obligation to you.

  • Obtain your domain

    Once your domain order has been confirmed, Crazy Domains will pass it on to the relevant domain registry. If orders for your preferred domain are received by the registry from other providers, an allocation process with rules set by the respective registry will start (first-come, first-served). The allocation of pre-reserved domains is carried out by an independent awarding authority, with no influence from Crazy Domains.

  • Connect your domain

    After your domain is purchased, you can easily connect it to your website via the Crazy Domains Account Manager. Setup is easy and can be done regardless of whether or not the host is Crazy Domains.

Your Questions, Our Answers

What is a TLD?

Top-level domains or TLD are found on the last part of your website’s domain name. For example, - .biz is your TLD, and in this case emphasises that your business or company has an authentic and legitimate business registration.

There are two types of TLD: generic top-level domains (gTLD) and country-code top-level domains (ccTLD). GTLDs are the regular domains composed of three or more characters and are commonly used all over the web such as .com, .net, etc. Furthermore, ccTLDs are composed of two-letter domains for specific countries, location, or territories such as .au, .uk, .ph, .us, and more.

How to pre-register new domain extensions

The pre-registration of new domain extensions with Crazy Domains is FREE. However, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will only allow a specific number of TLD per month over the next two years. So, as soon as new extensions are launched, we will let you know when it will be available, along with the pricing information, terms and conditions, etc. We will not charge you anything so by the time all the information is ready, you can decide on whether to purchase the domain or not.

Furthermore, when your domain is confirmed, we will forward it to the domain registry. If ever the registry receives orders of your domain from other providers, an allocation process will start (first-come, first-served basis) complete with rules set by the respective registry. The process is carried out by an independent authority, without any influence from Crazy Domains.

List of domain extensions

From a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 10 years, you can register both ccTLD and gTLD names at very economical prices with us. Here are our top 10 list of domain extensions:

  • .online
  • .website
  • .space
  • .tech
  • .sydney
  • .melbourne
  • .xyz
  • .global
  • .shopping
  • .team

What are the benefits of a new domain?


There are multiple websites sprouting everywhere on the web now – each competing for the best domain name to campaign their brand’s identity. Perhaps for medium-sized businesses, it is easy to purchase the generic domains such as .com, .net or .biz. But for a startup company, there’s a possibility that they cannot obtain these because they are unavailable, other domain or business owners may have registered it before they did.

The good news is, this should not be a problem now. There are new domains available to register for every business type, in case some generic web addresses are no longer available. If you want your online business to have a trademark as the home of stylish clothes for shopping, you can use .shopping instead of .biz. Plus, it will also help your website be found on the web easily when your potential customers simply search the word “online shopping”.


New TLDs will help you decrease your domain costs because of its low fee. Aside from that, you can also own a catchy name that will help your brand be more recognisable and interesting. The opportunity of a new extension for your website is both practical and economical for a startup business to join the high competition in eCommerce both locally and internationally.


The marketing strategy of small and medium-sized businesses starts with a new web address choice. Using the new batch of web address extensions, it is simpler to make your website stand out from the rest. Remember that you don’t need to blend in with popular eCommerce sites by purchasing the popular options, rather you can choose to be remarkable and unforgettable in creating a distinct name and identity for your site.


If you are struggling to market your products and services online because it’s tough to register a .com or .biz, we at Crazy Domains will be happy to offer you our new set of TLDs. Our new domain names extension such as .online, .sydney, .shopping, .team, and more will help you choose the ideal name that will match the nature of your business. We have plenty of choices, all in affordable prices.

How important is an .AU tld?


Most regular online customers, and even newcomers, are very particular in business’ authenticity. An online niche that offers the best deals and promos but does not own legitimate website extensions to campaign its products may not gain full trust from online shoppers. Remember that your customers cannot see and touch your products nevertheless, a good online industry is perceived according to an accurate and professional web address.

On the other hand, using a country-code top-level domain will help you create a good impression for your niche. Aside from gTLDs, you can definitely use ccTLD to establish an unforgettable web presence to reach your customers quickly.


If your online business has an au tld, more Australian online shoppers will find and reach you easily. Owning a ccTLD does not just establish legitimacy but also good professional reputation. Not just local customers are particular with good reputation but most especially, international shoppers. With thousands of web address registered online now, it is best if you give priority in selecting an excellent web address that will help in building the efficiency of your brand.


Aside from local trading, you can also reach out to international customers immediately if you have top-level domain registration. You have a good advantage if your TLD matches the specific type of your business. This way, you can create direct ways to reinforce your marketing strategy and get found in the web quickly. While most businesses are busy shuffling popular options of web address, yours will stand out because of its unique and product-specific quality.

What are domain extensions for?

Domain extensions are for professional eCommerce entrepreneurs. In this contemporary generation of internet shopping, there is the risk off fraud and cybercrime, and with excellent internet extensions, you are assured that your potential customers will trust you more easily. Australian online shoppers are also particular with ‘.au’ because it will help them identify an established Australian business.

An authentic web address will get your customers attention and help you deliver excellent quality of products and services. A good reputation in the online community is hard to earn. Nevertheless, an excellent impression starts from a good and trusted name.

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